This Little Piggie…

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…needs some fixing! But isn’t he precious?! My great aunt Mildred (shouldn’t everyone have a great aunt named Mildred?) made this for me when I was so little that I can’t remember, and it has remained one of my favorite blankets of all time. I used it so much that the stitching on the facial features and hooves had almost completely worn out. The batting had also started to fall apart inside, and the threads she used to tie the quilt together had almost all fallen out long ago. So, about a year ago I took the whole blanket apart with the intention of repairing it…well, I guess time sort of got away from me, because I just found this in the bottom of my sewing basket a few days ago!

As you can see, I have repaired the face, and I am working on the hooves now. The whole blanket is in the shape of a pig’s body, with the facial features, tail and hooves hand-appliqued using a blanket stitch. For some reason it took me a while to remember just how to do a blanket stitch…it’s so simple that I seem to forget it too easily! But now I’ve made good progress, and this little piggie is looking much happier! I’m glad that the black lines dear old Aunt Mildred embroidered on have lasted so well. I don’t enjoy stitching long lines very much!

Once I am finished repairing the applique, I will purchase some good batting, trim it to size and sew this poor guy back together. Originally, Mildred just folded the edges under and zig-zagged through all three layers of material all the way around. However, I’m thinking about doing it a bit differently myself. It depends on what works when I get to that point. After that, I’ll also have to tie the quilt to hold the batting in place. And when that is finished…

This little piggie will say, “Wee, wee, wee! I feel much better now!”


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