Taking a Break

To those of you who read this blog, I apologize for not updating lately. My life has been busy, and I’ve been doing alot of things away from the computer (and the crochet hook) lately. I found I was wasting alot of time on here that could be spent doing more important things. I’ve started exercising again, thanks to the encouragment of several ladies at Crochetville. I’ve also been sewing a new dress (of which I will post pics when finished), and working on some things for church. I guess I’m just getting my life back in order and getting my priorities straight! More time for God and family, less time doing silly stuff on the computer!

So, if I’m not around much for a while, don’t worry! I’ll still pop in every now and then and show you what I’ve been working on. But I encourage you to also step back and reevaluate your own life. Are you spending time doing things that are truly fulfilling? Or are you just “killin’ time?” Think about it! :o)

Stitchin’ and Grinnin’,


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