Blub, blub, blub…

It has been far too long since my last post. I don’t know what I’ve been doing, but I sure have been busy! Since finishing the round ripple, I’ve been doing a few random crochet projects, but they haven’t really gotten anywhere. I started designing a shawl, but I didn’t like the way it was shaping up so I put it away for a rainy day. Then I made a bunch of granny squares out of the leftover yarn from the round ripple, but I also came to a creative halt on that project. So, instead I decided to take a break from yarn for a while and give my hooks a rest.

And the little fish above is the result! Isn’t he a cutie!? I just finished assembling the little guy before posting. I don’t know if you can tell, but he’s a pincushion! I have been drooling over the felt pincushions on Bella Dia’s blog, and I decided that I could make a cute and crafty little pincushion of my own. My previous pincushion was an ugly thing I made out of scrap material and filled with rice, and I needed to replace it anyway. I started out thinking I’d just do something abstract with blue and white dots on the red background, but as I was trying to arrange them, I suddenly realized that they looked an awful lot like fish scales. My preschool-teacher-brain started thinking Rainbowfish, and before I knew what I was doing I was busy cutting out fins, stitching on tiny glass beads and embroidering “fishy-lips!” Voila! My fishy friend was born! He is approximately 2 inches tall (with stuffing) and 3 inches wide (3 if you count his tail/fins). I stuffed him with poly-fill and rice.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to in the crafty part of life! If you have any suggestions for naming this little guy, I’m all ears!

Stitchin’ and Swimmin’,



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