Working Hard, Playing Hard

Woohoo! I am over halfway finished with my first sleeve….ever! I can make sleeves! I can’t believe it! How exciting! I don’t have time to post pics tonight…but soon I will have a finished product to show off. I’m trying to get this finished by Friday night so I can block it on Saturday (it is not shaped quite right yet) and wear it to our church’s Valentine’s Banquet Saturday night! I think I will wear it with a black tank and black slacks. I can hardly wait to wear my first crocheted sweater!

Speaking of the Valentine’s Banquet, I am on the Children’s Committee that is hosting the banquet this year to raise money for the kids to go to camp, etc. Therefore, I am supposed to go early and set up and help in any other way I can, but I am having a hard time wanting to do this. I’ve been really bogged down at work lately, so much so that when I get home I don’t want to do anything except sit and vegetate. But I am seeing that this is a horrible waste of time and that it is not helping me feel more energetic. So today I decided to make a schedule for myself to follow each day when I get home from work to help myself become more disciplined and productive at home. I am praying that the Lord will help me stick to this schedule and honor Him more with my time and energy. Hopefully then I will have more joy to serve at church as well.

Anywho….I feel like I am just babbling on for no apparent reason with nothing to say….so I think I’d better stop. My brain must be tired! At least I can crochet with only half a brain! So, it’s back to work…or play! :o)

Sittin’ and Stitchin’,


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