My boring life…

Okay, it has officially been too long since I posted last. I don’t know why, though. I guess I’ve just been busy with work and church and more work and more church…along with a little housekeeping on the side. Not really anything interesting to write about, but plenty to keep me too busy and too tired to write anyway!

I’ve been a little too busy to do much on the crocheting front, though I’m hoping that will change soon. I did get my pattern books last week, so I’ve had fun drooling over those! I’m lovin’ the ideas in the 200 Crochet Blocks book….oh the blankets I could create! (My hubby isn’t nearly as excited as I am, but I just don’t know why! Hee, hee!) I was a little disappointed in the 2007 Pattern-a-Day Calendar, but I guess I just didn’t totally understand what it would be. Many of the patterns are already available free online, and I didn’t realize that or I certainly wouldn’t have spent my money on it. Plus, most of the patterns don’t really appeal to me much. Granted there are a few nice ideas that I could whip up as gifts for people, but I just wish I had researched that purchase a little better. Oh well…live and learn.

As I said, I’m hoping to get back to crocheting more soon. I was kinda depressed last week, and I finally admitted to hubby (and myself) that it was because I didn’t have any crochet projects to work on. I had finished the seraphina shawl after deciding to leave it short, so then I had nothing to do! Finally on Thursday night he told me to sit down and choose two patterns that I wanted to make, and we’d go buy the yarn together! Isn’t he a sweet guy?! Yup! So, now I have something to work on, and I’m a happy camper. One of the things I want to make is Caron’s Circle Jacket , but I’m hoping to make some adjustments to the original pattern so it looks a little more like Karen Carter’s version because it looks more fitted and flattering. I’m also hoping that I can decipher the pattern, as after reading some of the posts on Crochetville, I’ve seen that many people found errors and had trouble understanding the pattern. Oh well, I am determined to try it anyway. I decided to do it in Caron Simply Soft as the pattern calls for, but in Autumn Red instead of Soft Sage. I think it will look great over a black top and pants/skirt.

That’s all for now. Hope I will have some project pics next time! :o)

Stitchin’ and Grinnin’,


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