Home, sweet home again! DH and I had a wonderful v…

Home, sweet home again! DH and I had a wonderful vacation with family, and we enjoyed the cold weather so much! But we are glad to be back in our own house again, in spite of the Texas weather and the fact that we have to get back to work again soon. I don’t feel like writing a whole lot tonight, so I will just share some pics instead!

These are the hats I crocheted for my grandma and her husband, as I wrote about in my last couple of posts. Hers is the crimson one with the brim down (to show the stitches better), and his is the aran fleck with brim rolled up.

Here is my beautiful kitty, Bright, who lives at home with my parents. We can’t have any pets here, and she doesn’t travel well…so she gets to stay with them instead! She is a queen, as you can probably tell, and rules the house, regardless of what the other pets may think!

This is my brother’s cat, Whitetip, who is the baby of the family. He loves to cuddle, but he is full of mischief and likes to play rough. His tail never stops moving, even when he’s asleep…so Dad nicknamed him “Thumper.”
And this is Gunner, the family dog. He used to be quite a hunter, but he’s retired now because of arthritis in his back hips and legs. Nowadays he just wants to be close to anyone who will scratch him behind the ears and give him a bite of “people food” every once in a while!

Well, that’s all for now…I’m still recovering from our long trip, but I hope to write more in the next few days!
Happy New Year!

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