It’s the last week of school before Christmas vaca…

It’s the last week of school before Christmas vacation, and I should be celebrating…but I feel kinda down. I think my body is already on vacation, and my brain wants to go with it. But I have so much left to do before the week is over! I also might be a little down because of all this crocheted stuff I now have sitting in the corner of the living room collecting dust. I have listed it all on etsy, but who knows if/when it will ever sell! I was so hoping to sell it at the craft fair, and now it is just sitting here…lonely and unloved. I worked so hard on all of it, creating my own designs and patterns, trying all kinds of new things…and what did it all accomplish? Depressing, just downright depressing…

Another downer right now is that I have this yarn I bought that I really, really want to make into a sweater for myself. But I don’t like any of the patterns I’ve found, and I’m not feeling confident enough to just wing it. I’ve never made a anything that wasn’t basically just a circle or rectangle, and I’m scared to make a garment without a pattern. However, one of these days, if I can’t find a pattern I like, I may just get adventurous enough to try…we’ll see.

Well, so much for cheering myself up by blogging! I think I’d better go do something productive before my brain turns to mush while staring at the computer. Hope you are having happier days than me!

Depressed and Depressing,


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