I did it…I now have my own Etsy shop, and I have…

I did it…I now have my own Etsy shop, and I have just listed my first item! I am so excited! I signed up for my own PayPal account (separate from DH’s) and everything! The craft fair at school ended today, so I’ll be listing anything I didn’t sell there in the next few days. It was disappointing not to do much business, but people just weren’t interested in the same things they were last year. I did great last year, while another gal who makes jewelry didn’t do much business. This time around, I didn’t sell much at all…but she got a ton of orders for custom-made stuff! Go figure! Oh well…maybe it was all meant to be in the end. I may do really well selling stuff online instead. We shall see. Besides, I do have a couple of special orders to make. So, maybe it will all work out in the end.

Well, I have to go check on my turkey now…No, we’re not having Thanksgiving late. Hubby and I just decided that while turkeys are in abundant supply we should buy a big one, roast it, and freeze it for quick meals later on. So, Mr. Turkey No. 2 is happily cooking away right now!

Cookin’ and Hookin’,


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