Being home from work for a sick day can actually b…

Being home from work for a sick day can actually be more profitable than I thought! Not only did I get some much needed rest, but I crocheted up a storm! Here are some picks of the things I made yesterday! The first is a little pocketbook made out of a simple rectangle sewn together after felting with my first felted flowers attached as decorations. It’s even cuter in real life! (I still have to attatch one of those little magnetic snaps, but then it will be ready for sale!)
Here’s an accomplishment that made me really proud… I came up with the idea for this little evening bag completely on my own. I was curious about how a round bag would shrink up during the felting process, and it turned out just as I had hoped (with just one 14 minute cycle, too!) I also hadn’t tried making designs in the felt before, so adding the baubles was a bit of an adventure. The drawstring also worked out rather well, especially since I was just making everything up as I went along. I may try to write down a basic pattern/schematics for this little cutie…but we’ll see if I can remember what on earth I did!
Last of all are these cute little…umm…well, they were supposed to be flowers, but they look more like some sea creatures I saw on tv once! They were all based on patterns I found for felted flowers, though I changed a few little details. I don’t think I’ll be using those patterns again! Oh well…anybody interested in some goofy looking sea creatures? Anyone at all? :o)

Fooling with Felting,


One thought on “Being home from work for a sick day can actually b…

  1. Hi, there! Love the look of your felted projects! LOL Love your ‘flowers’ too. They reminded me of starfish! Looks like you’re having lots of fun.

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