Well, I haven’t been doing too much on the croche…

Well, I haven’t been doing too much on the crochet front lately…just dabbling with a square here and a square there, between looking at lots of patterns and trying to decide what to make for Christmas this year.

But I did finally finish this little LB Fun Fur/Incredible purse today. I’ve had it sitting in my crochet drawer for an entire year, and I finally got around to attatching the handle and ribbons (tied in a bow to “close” the purse). I made this thing last year for the art show, but didn’t quite get it finished in time. So it stayed in the drawer, waiting patiently for me to finish it so it could be what it was meant to be! In case anybody is interested, I used a pattern from the Michaels website, but I modified the pattern a bit because I didn’t like the handles. It should make a cute little girl’s purse, I think!

Now I’m off to make my Christmas gift list! And I might start working on a little girl’s winter set today. I love Saturdays!



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