Well, I thought I was going to put down my crochet…

Well, I thought I was going to put down my crochet hooks for a few days after finishing the shawl…I was burned out on “Romance” yarn, and that was all I had left for my art fair projects at the time. (Those of you who have a huge stash can’t possibly imagine that, but I have to keep the amount of yarn in the house to a bare minimum because I simply don’t have anywhere to store it!) However, I have been absolutely fascinated by the idea of felting something…the whole process just intrigues me, and I’ve really liked the looks of the finished product! So, I asked my dear hubby if I could go buy some wool…and the sweet man that he is, he said YES! 🙂 Yippee!

So I bought a few skeins of Paton’s Merino, and I’m totally experimenting with my first felted bag. I am going off some directions given on Crochetville, but also just winging it. I haven’t exactly fallen in love with any patterns I’ve seen yet…so I’m just doing what I feel like. We’ll see how it turns out! Right now I’m in the middle of the body of the bag. I still haven’t decided what kind of handles I want to use/make. I have some ideas, but who knows what I’ll end up with! I’d post some pics, but it’s just so ugly looking to me right now that I can’t make myself do it! Last night I was working on the bag at church, and I felt so compelled to tell everyone that this is NOT what it will look like when it is finished! I just hope that what looks like a giant mistake of a shopping sack will end up looking like the cute litte purse I see in my head!

Well, that’s all for now! Better go make some dinner and feed my man before I think too much more about this whole felting thing! 🙂

Fiddling with Felting,


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