I’ll admit it…I’ve been a crocheting fool this w…

I’ll admit it…I’ve been a crocheting fool this week. The yarns I ordered finally arrived (actually, they arrived sooner than I expected, but the anticipation was killing me anyway!) and I have been blazing through projects ever since! The biggest thing I’m worried about now is that once I’ve finished all my planned items, I won’t want to stop. And I can’t really afford to just go out and buy yarn and crochet things at a breakneck pace all the time. It’s fine for an art fair, but definitely not part of my normal operating budget! Argh!!! Anyway, here are the things I’ve done this week:

This boa was really not that much fun to make, but it only took a couple of hours start to finish. (Once I started, I decided I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible!) It’s made out of LB’s Bolero yarn, which is kinda fun to work with, but this project was not really crocheting…it was just a bunch of measuring loops of yarn and slip stitching them together. Hope it will sell anyway, because it is kinda cool looking now that it is finished (unless you’re my husband, who told me I looked like I was wearing a lion costume when I tried it on!)

This is the “Potato Chip” scarf I made with that great bargain Moonlight Mohair I got. I thought it turned out nicely, though I decided I don’t really like the way this yarn feels. The metallic strand makes it too scratchy for me; I much prefer the softer yarns.

This is Barnaby modeling this cute little ear flap hat I made out of leftover Wool-ease used on the boa above. I’m afraid he was the only model around the house willing to subject himself to being seen in such a silly get-up! Too bad his head is too big! It is definitely a child-size hat. I don’t know if something like this will sell, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to try out this pattern. It is just to cute (in a vintage sort of way). It was also my first serious attempt at crocheting a hat…and it was an encouraging success. I’ve always been nervous about things made in rounds, but don’t ask me why. Guess I’m just crazy!

Well, that’s what I’ve accomplished this week. I’m presently working on a shawl made out of LB Romance…nice acrylic mohair blend that reminds me of Red Heart Symphony. I was going to make LB’s Trail of Blossoms Scarf, until I found out a co-worker is making tons of scarves for the art fair. I decided I need to have more unique items if I want to have good sales…so I altered the pattern to make a rectangular shawl instead. Hope it will turn out well!

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